During these times of uncertainty, life can feel overwhelming and out of control. Here are a few ways to set boundaries and gain control when you’re feeling out of control because of having to modify our lifestyles, distance ourselves socially and stay home.

  1. Create a Daily Schedule – Maintain a healthy work/life balance. Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean your workday needs to be longer than a typical day. Keep track of the time you spend working even at home. Just like you do at work, schedule your start time and end time. Create boundaries between work and home-life and stick to your routine.
  2. Schedule your meal and snack breaks – Set an alarm on your phone or watch and change your environment. Eating and working in different spaces will help keep the work/life balance lines from getting blurred.
  3. Schedule your workout -Make working out the first appointment of the day, you’ll feel more energized and motivated knowing that you’ve already gotten your exercise in for the day. You’ll also feel a sense of accomplishment. Here are some suggestions:
      • Morning walk- 20-30 minutes
      • 10 – minute stretch session
      • Body weight exercises (squats / lunges / planks / push-ups / sit-ups)
      • You Tube, Apps i.e. Peloton offers a lot of great virtual training
  4. Use your typical commute wisely – Do something active and/or restorative. Example: If it takes you 30 minutes to get to work, take a 30-minute walk or, take 30-minutes to meditate.
  5. Dress for success – Get out of your PJ’s and into NORMAL work clothes, even if it is a casual workday style. You’ll feel more productive plus you never know when your boss may want to video chat, be prepared.
  6. Designate a work location in your home – Pick a spot that is free from distractions i.e. a low traffic area.
      • Don’t work in your kitchen where you will be tempted to snack.
      • Don’t work in your bedroom. It is important to decompress and turn your brain off at least 1-2 hours prior to going to sleep. The bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation.
  7. Get comfy, but not too comfy – Practice good posture; sit up straight in a chair that provides good back support. Avoid the recliner and your bed. If you have an exercise ball, that can be a fun option to use as a chair to help with posture and burn a few calories as a bonus!
  8. Stand up – If you are on a call and don’t need your desk, then walk and talk!
  9. Customize your work environment – do it your way! If you love rock-n-roll music, play it. If scented candles are your thing, light a candle.
  10. Spend time outdoors – Fresh air and sunshine will boost your mood and aid your immune system. Take a break from your computer screen and spend time in nature.  Here are a few of the benefits:
      • Strengthens immune system, good for digestion, and improves blood pressure and heart rate.
      • Fresh oxygen energizes and sharpens the mind.
      • Fresh air and sunshine help to regulate sleep/wake cycles.

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