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Meet Our MightyFam: Dan Graziano, CEO and Co-Founder

By Carrie Walco-Bowman

Dan was a successful personal trainer and coach for many years in the fitness industry. During this time, he began cooking basic, healthy prepared meals for his fitness clients to help them stay on track with their health and fitness goals. His clients began to purchase meals every week. 

As his business grew, he found he needed help to keep up with the demand for his healthy, no prep meals. So, he enlisted the help of his friends, Alex Lebonitte (a personal trainer) and Stefano Marzano (a classically-trained, professional chef), whom he met at what now is MightyMeals’ partner, Gold’s Gym Fairfax Station. This is when Dan made the leap from being a fitness professional to a business owner and co-founded MightyMeals, along with Alex and Stefano. 

Dan works hard to live a healthy, active lifestyle while he strives to meet his goal of making MightyMeals the best meal prep company in the country. He is proud that MightyMeals employs more than 50+ people, helping the local economy while providing a fun, rewarding work environment and helping people lead a healthier lifestyle for all!

Dan’s Favorite MightyMeals Dish: As a chicken wing aficionado, Dan really likes MightyMeals’ Buffalo Baked Chicken Wings (air fried is KEY), but also REALLY enjoys the Sweet Chili Chicken Soba and Chicken Power Bowl.

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