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At MightyMeals, we’re more than just a meal prep company; we’re a culinary cornerstone of higher education hospitality, dedicated to delivering top-notch dining services and fostering exceptional campus experiences. Founded by fitness professionals Dan Graziano and Alex Lebonitte, along with our executive chef, Stafano Marzano, MightyMeals embarked on its journey in Fairfax County in 2015. From humble beginnings of serving 76 meals in the first week with just six menu items, we’ve evolved into a powerhouse with a team of 100 employees. Today, we proudly distribute thousands of chef-prepared, made-to-order, and healthy meals, showcasing a rotating menu of over 100 delectable options. All these freshly prepared meals are conveniently delivered to our customers’ doorsteps the very next day.


What sets us apart from other higher education food service providers is our commitment to deeply integrate ourselves into your institution. We don’t merely partner with your school; we immerse ourselves in your programming, understanding your vision and challenges to offer the finest collegiate hospitality management and food services, all with a focus on enhancing student outcomes.


It takes eye-opening campus experiences and first-class higher education dining services to stay competitive and not only yield the best students, but also keep them coming back.


Learning extends beyond the classroom, and we believe that some of the most significant moments in a student’s life occur around a shared meal. Our mission is to create an inclusive and immersive campus hub that celebrates diversity through a myriad of cuisines and inviting settings, fostering connections among students.


Expertly crafted higher education campus dining for your every need.

No matter your institution’s size or location, we recognize that your identity and needs are unique. We tailor our services to fit your specific requirements because, in higher education, one size never fits all.


We’re here to serve.

Our primary focus is supporting student success. We understand the challenges today’s students face, so we aim to alleviate their worries about meals and allow them to focus on their educational journey. We bring students together through culinary experiences that promote healthier lifestyles and offer flexible meal plans suited to various backgrounds.


We believe that healthy student bodies are crucial for achieving healthy student minds. Therefore, quality food and exceptional dining experiences are at the core of our higher education hospitality services. We’ve embraced the growing expectations of students and parents by prioritizing clean, healthy, and responsibly sourced ingredients, maintaining exemplary standards, and providing complete transparency.


Optimizing meal plan sales on today’s higher ed campuses.

In today’s higher education landscape, optimizing meal plan sales is essential to enhancing your institution’s value and recruiting and retaining students. We aim to transform your on-campus dining experience into a valuable asset that contributes to your school’s success.


MightyMeals is deeply committed to the traditions of our nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities. We bring our integrity and passion for hospitality excellence to your community, forging connections and opportunities that empower your essential mission for a brighter future in higher education.


In collaboration with dieticians, we empower students to lead healthier and less stressful lives, relieving them of the burden of worrying about their meals and helping them thrive academically. With MightyMeals, we’re here to fuel your students’ minds and bodies, setting the stage for their bright futures.