My Go-To Green Juice Recipe

By: Erica Hanner, Erica Jade Hanner

If you’ve never tried a green juice before, start with this recipe. This is my go-to green juice because it is super refreshing, packed with nutrients, and has a hint of sweetness from the natural sugars in the apples! I try to do all my juicing on Sundays with fresh ingredients from the local farmers market. The shorter the time between harvest to consumption, the better. Before we get to juicing, let’s answer a few common questions about juicing and its benefits.

Why Juice?

The best time of the day to juice is in the morning on an empty stomach. This is when our stomachs are the most active and also able to fully digest and absorb the nutrients we give it. I like to start my day with a large glass of room temp water followed by a glass of green juice.
Juicing has numerous benefits, including:

Juicing vs. Blending – Which is better?

Juicing and blending are both great options to boost your fruit and veggie intake. Juicing provides a very nutrient-dense beverage in a smaller amount of liquid and may be best for those needing a low-fiber diet. Blending, on the other hand, may be better for those looking to stabilize their blood sugar or boost their fiber intake.
Here are a few key differences to help you choose which option is best for you:

What kind of juicer should I use?

With so many different juicers on the market, choosing which is best for you can be overwhelming to say the least. There are three main types of juicers on the market – centrifugal, masticating, or triturating. Let me make it break them down for you:

Erica Jade’s Go-To Green Juice