Partner Spotlight: Noble Athletics

By: Christine Bean

This week, we caught-up with Laura James, owner of Noble Athletics, to hear about their goals as a group-level personal training studio, and how MightyMeals keeps their clients in check. 
How did Noble Athletics get its start?
Laura: My husband, Nathan, and I have always been passionate about fitness. About 7 years ago, we realized that our area had a need for more functional fitness studios and classes. On a whim, we decided to give it a shot. We figured that the worst case scenario was that we would be fit! Nathan and I really wanted to focus on helping people live a longer, healthier, and easier life through training on injury prevention and nutrition. Our goal isn’t to turn our clients into competitive athletes, we just don’t want them ending up in an old folks home!  We now have two locations, one in Sterling and a second in Purcellville.                                                                                                      
What makes Noble Athletics unique?
Laura: We specialize in variety and customization. We focus on functional fitness, and we have a wide range of athletes in our gym; some people come-in knowing exactly what they are doing, and others need some modification. We purposely place a variety of athletes in each class and, thanks to our awesome staff of trainers, we are able to scale up or down to everyone’s ability. Another unique thing we offer at Noble Athletics is the Strongman competition and Olympic weightlifting. 

How did you get connected to MightyMeals?

Laura: I believe that MightyMeals co-founder Dan Graziano reached out to us with information about MightyMeals. We were hesitant at first, because we had tried other meal prep companies in the past and weren’t crazy about the quality. But, Dan came to the gym with samples, and when we tasted the meals, we were blown away! We absolutely loved the food, (Nathan and I are big foodies!) We were really impressed by the flexibility and variety of the meals and the ability to order bulk foods.  
How does MightyMeals benefit your members?
Laura: Anytime I hear someone complaining about “time” and “food,” I tell them to order MightyMeals. It really helps give you a little bit extra time that you would have spent meal-prepping. The moment one of our clients falls off the bandwagon, they start ordering MightyMeals regularly and the weight begins to fall-off. Everything is healthy and protein-packed, which is ideal for us and our athletes. It can only help your physique, you can’t go wrong! 

Sweet Chili Chicken Soba

What is your favorite MightyMeal dish?
Laura: Ooh, this is tough.  It’s probably a toss up between the Sweet Chili Chicken Soba and the Grass Fed Beef Chili
About Laura & Nathan James
After competitive sports were mostly over, Laura and Nathan both turned to the gym to find that outlet again. Filled with passion and knowledge, they discovered CrossFit and quickly realized the lack of education in the health and fitness industry. Nathan and Laura first opened their doors early in 2013. They built a solid foundation to preach the truth of fitness through CrossFit and went from a 3,000 square-foot facility to a 5,000 square-foot facility in Sterling. 
Five years later, they decided they wanted to reach more people and opened a second location in Purcellville. Both locations have an amazing community with people that are like family. The support they give each other inside and outside of the gym is extraordinary. People have become lifelong friends and even partners in life. There is no greater feeling knowing the impact Noble has had on so many.
When Nathan and Laura are not at the gym, you can find them hanging out with family and friends, on weekend getaways, eating, thinking about eating, absorbing the joys of life, and often training for a Strongman competition (for Laura). 

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