What to Know About MightyMeals Before Ordering

By: Carrie Walco-Bowman

There are so many meal prep delivery companies today. You may be wondering, “Why should I use MightyMeals?” Actually, that’s exactly how MightyMeals got its start. We started to ask, “Why?” 

  1. Why are there only 3 or 30 meals to choose from when I need more variety, have a special diet, allergies, or nutrition needs/goals?
  2. Why can’t healthy eating be easy AND taste good, ALL of the time?
  3. Why do I have to make a long-term commitment or order more than what I need?
  4. Why do I have to order frozen or boxed meals from far away when I want fresh meals prepared by a local business? 

Here are the answers to these questions and a few things you should know before ordering freshly-made meals from MightyMeals.

Local Means Fresher Meals and More Healthy Nutrients
I’m no mathematician, but I do know that the shortest distance between two places means fresher ingredients. Produce and food start to degrade the moment after harvest. Nutrients, flavors, and freshness go downhill even further when travel times and distances are increased. This is why MightyMeals uses locally sourced ingredients in every one of our freshly chef-prepared meals. We also use pasture-raised, grass-fed, hormone & antibiotic-free beef and flat iron hand-cut steaks in our recipes. Fresh local ingredients provide healthier meals that pack the highest amount of nutrients possible.

Made-to-Order and Never Frozen
Our meals are never frozen and waiting in a freezer for your next order. After you place your order, we place ours–for local, fresh ingredients. Then our chefs prep and cook your meals to perfection, so they arrive at your doorstep bursting with flavor and nutrients.

Over 100 Easy-to-Find Meals with a Variety of Meal Options
MightyMeals offers over 100 prepped meals for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner for almost any type of diet or nutrition plan. With new meals added weekly, so you’ll never get bored. And it’s easy to find them! 
 Use our product filter to search for meals, snacks, and à la carte items. 

Use our macro filter to find meals with the right amounts for you.

Our menu also highlights common allergens, food types, and nutrition goals, like nuts, dairy, spicy meals, and high-protein meals (many contain 50G of protein or more!).

Higher Safety Standards and Precautions
From start to finish, everything at MightyMeals happens under one roof. We locally source all of our ingredients which never leave our 37°F refrigerated prep room. All of our ingredients are cut, prepped, bagged, and packaged in the refrigerated prep room. This is something that makes us unique in comparison to our competitors; a lot of companies do not take the same safety precautions that we do at MightyMeals. All of our delivery vans (including Cherry Blossom!) are also refrigerated.

In the End, MightyMeals Just Tastes Better
After everything else, the real test when it comes to evaluating meal prep companies is taste. We know that the best-tasting healthy meals are created from high-quality, fresh local ingredients and spices. That’s why you’ll see important details–like homemade sauces, freshly cut herb toppings, and salsas that taste like they’re straight from the garden–throughout all of our meals. However, the best place to find how good our meals taste before ordering is from our #MightyFam customers and followers. 
“MightyMeals came highly recommended and I have to say we haven’t tried a bad meal yet! We’ve ordered prep meals and bulk options that give my husband and I flexibility/options throughout the week. Everything is delicious. Love how easy it is to order online… [and] have delivered. In addition, I’m happy to support a local company that continually gives back to their community.” – AMANDA KING-KISNER
Find more 5-star reviews on our homepage at www.eatmightymeals.com. You can also find reviews for every meal at the bottom of each page in our menu.

No Minimum Orders, Subscriptions, or Contracts
One last thing. We are so sure you’ll love EVERY MightyMeals no-prep meal that we don’t require a commitment! That’s right; there are no minimum orders, no subscriptions, AND no contracts to sign (unlike other meal prep companies)! This means that you never need to order more than you want or need, and you’ll never be forced into a subscription.